• Wonderful scene: in order to let customers rest assured, no matter how hard and tired, we are not afraid!

    Column:Enterprise News Time:2019-06-12

    In April, the mechanical and electrical engineering of the composite finishing automatic production line undertaken by demingfu also entered a critical period.The senior management of the client pays close attention to the progress of the project, and has organized the staff to demingfu twice to supervise the progress of the project.Commitment is command, customer expectation is power!

    Spring fragrance no time to care, hard work brave through!

    The colleagues of the project team of the electromechanical engineering center fought continuously and went all out for several months, and the effect showed. They finished the assembly of the factory ahead of time and started the commissioning of power supply, and won the customers' "rest assured" of the project progress and quality with practical actions.

    Bi shijun, deputy manager of the mechanical and electrical engineering center, said that in order to ensure the duration of the project, the pressure is really great, but the project team members are very awesome, since the Spring Festival, we have no rest, all strive to do every link of the work.According to the plan, the goods will be delivered to the customer's factory next month. There is still a lot of work to be done, and there will be many difficulties to overcome."Everyone is full of energy, in order to let customers rest assured of demingfu, more confidence in demingfu, no matter how hard and tired we are not afraid!"

    "I am not afraid" is a kind of courage, but also a kind of responsibility and bearing!This is the source of spiritual wealth and strength that demingfu needs most in the development process of intelligent manufacturing.We applaud for having such a fearless team, and believe that their efforts will inevitably win customers' greater trust in demingfu, looking forward to their success again!


    Customer introduction:

    The client is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of composite materials and technologies.It has more than 30 years of practical application experience in various market fields.Combined with a compelling portfolio of materials and unique technologies, it offers the most comprehensive composite solutions on the market.