• The wave of industrial intelligence comes, huawei cloud creates new value for manufacturing enterprises

    Column:Industry News Time:2019-06-12

    Many people regard industrial intelligence as the "fourth industrial revolution", and it seems that 2019, when the industrial Internet will burst into a concentrated outbreak, may be the beginning of this industrial revolution.

    Today, the Internet industry has shown a new trend, for the whole manufacturing industry, the wisdom of the decision-making, automated management, the innovation of the agile and open ecology not only further liberation of human labor, as well as the release of the new creativity, geared to the needs of manufacturing enterprises, business cloud has undoubtedly become the trend of The Times

    From 30 years' technical leader in ICT field to today's cloud service provider covering the whole scene and industry chain, huawei not only enables customers with industrial Internet capability, but also benefits from its solutions. In the five years from 2013 to 2018, huawei has more than tripled its production capacity with the help of "cloud + intelligence" without increasing its 180,000 employees.

    Huawei cloud has achieved fruitful results in the industry market in the past two years, and has been established in more than 10 industries and more than 200 projects.

    By the end of 2018, huawei's cloud scale has been growing rapidly, with the number of paying users increasing by 15 times, the number of developers by 20 times, and the number of cloud services growing by 8 times to more than 160...

    In line with the brand vision of "+ smart sees the future", huawei cloud has built huawei cloud city summit, injecting cloud momentum into the whole industry, products and services with the latest achievements of "huawei cloud + smart technology", facilitating industrial upgrading and urban digital transformation.

    On April 28, "choose uncommon huawei cloud city summit 2019" was launched in changchun, jilin province. As the first stop of huawei cloud city summit, the powerful lineup attracted thousands of government, enterprises and ecological partners to the site.

    Build digital base for manufacturing enterprises

    As one of the core issues of the summit, the industrial Internet has long been the focus of common concern in the industry, and the discussion of this core issue is of special significance to jilin, an old industrial base.

    Industry Internet platform is digital, networked, intelligent development core support, upward docking industrial optimization applications, connect down massive amounts of equipment, carrying a huge number of industry experience and knowledge model is the hub of industrial total factor links, is the core of the industrial resources, also will drive the intelligent manufacturing system upgrade.

    For the industrial Internet, cloud is the digital base. Only on the business cloud can the data of the entire digital world be connected from top to bottom to realize business integration and achieve collaboration and collaboration, so as to exert infinite possibilities in the intelligent world.At present, huawei cloud is releasing AI capabilities to all walks of life in the form of cloud.

    As you know, the capabilities of software are ultimately focused on architecture and algorithms, while the capabilities of hardware are focused on architecture and chips.Based on such industry consensus, huawei cloud focuses on a large number of architectures and core algorithms in software, and focuses on good architectures and chips in hardware, accumulating strong advantages in hardware, software and data center infrastructure.

    Facing the Cloud 2.0 era, huawei Cloud also takes the lead in realizing the application development platform from chip, software, hardware, data center management, basic Cloud services, including application development, deployment, operation and maintenance platform and tool framework, to the basic model algorithm of AI and domain-oriented modeling and algorithm.

    Facing industry users, huawei cloud has made technological breakthroughs in the whole vertical axis and built a full-stack technology system based on chip, software and hardware collaboration. In this way, the full-stack technical capabilities further enable manufacturers to bring more value

    Based on the above eight application scenarios, huawei's industrial cloud platform is driving the digital transformation of enterprises.From industry-level industrial diagnostic cloud platform, equipment intelligent operation and maintenance service, whole-process discrete manufacturing and production management service to intelligent manufacturing supported by hybrid cloud architecture, huawei cloud can achieve not only diagnostic equipment, predictive maintenance, optimization process, cost saving and efficiency improvement, but also digital transformation throughout the whole life cycle of the manufacturing industry.

    It is worth mentioning that in traditional business transformation faces three big pain points: lack of compatible with AI system architecture, lack of highly centralized digital system, lack of AI business innovation engine points, huawei cloud also puts forward the three big specific solutions, including huawei full stack type ecological integration architecture, intelligent application platform 3.0 EI, the whole scene intelligence platform.

    In addition to empowering the industry, huawei cloud AI also creates more possibilities for developers.

    Huawei cloud ModelArts one-stop AI development platform, can let developers get started faster, train faster, deploy faster full process development platform, really reduce the threshold of AI development, help enterprises AI industrial application.

    On the site of the summit, ikong met numerous huawei cloud partners from various fields such as automation, Internet of things and cloud computing. Relying on huawei's digital base capacity, they are delivering a continuous stream of industrial Internet solutions to the manufacturing industry.

    In the era of cloud 2.0, huawei cloud makes use of the leading technology level, global operation ability and world-class brand influence, and unites with partners to create the most cost-effective intelligent cloud services for the world's large, medium and small enterprises.

    "Cloud + intelligence" revitalizes the old industrial base

    In recent years, the upgrading and transformation of northeast old industrial base has become an important national strategic plan. As an important partner of jilin province's digital transformation, huawei has devoted itself to the historical process of jilin province's rapid development.

    Huawei cloud continue watching the construction of jilin digital transformation, the summit also contributed to the establishment of the Internet industry association, "jilin industry, as the jilin province industrial Internet policy stable cross and promoters, the alliance will promote jilin province the local advantageous industries, such as automobile, energy, agriculture and other industries with the aid of the Internet industry rapid development, gave rise to jilin province economic growth momentum.

    City summit is not only an important platform to focus on the digital transformation of cities and industrial Internet, but also an opportunity for governments, enterprises and ecological partners to have a comprehensive understanding of cloud technology and discuss how cloud technology changes the industry.

    Qiang hua, vice President of huawei China, said, "jilin province follows the tradition of creating extraordinary things. In the new era, it accelerates the pace of transformation and upgrading, embraces new changes again, and gradually opens up new achievements.Huawei actively integrates into the comprehensive revitalization and development practice of jilin province, and constantly deepens the comprehensive cooperation in various fields around the 'industry digitization and digital industrialization' to promote the upgrading and development of traditional industries with digital technology."

    Next, huawei cloud city summit 2019 will enter more regions and cities across the country. What kind of sparks will be generated by the collision with cities with distinctive features of various industries?Let's wait and see!


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