Column:DAMF AND MPDV Time:2015-01-07

    HYDRA global distributor in China 

    HYDRA in the SAP environment DAMF automation technology Co., LTD. Is a company with all my heart, is committed to industrial automation solutions for high-tech enterprises, automotive engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering center, process control division, information technology department, production department, business institutions, such as for automobile, petrochemical, metallurgy, steel, water treatment, electric power and other industries and fields provide turn-key project of automation control system and MES system services.We strive to provide every customer with thoughtful and professional service.

    Demingfu will cooperate with German MPDV, apply its mature MES system platform (Hydra), and make unremitting efforts to achieve intelligent production and lean management for domestic customers.


    Member of the international MESA organization 

    Founded in 1977 as an engineering company in Mosbach, southwest Germany (www.mpdv.de/en), MPDV Mikrolab GmbH is now one of the world's leading IT systems suppliers dedicated to data acquisition and analysis in the fields of manufacturing, human resources and quality management.

    More than 200 employees work in 11 different locations in Germany, France, Sweden, the United States and their Asian branch, MPDV Asia LTD.All branches of MPDV are closely linked in business to ensure that they serve customers from all over the world.

    Today, companies of all sizes are benefiting from MPDV's solutions in all industries.MPDV maintained and Europe, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, China, Malaysia, Singapore in manufacturing, rubber/plastic molding, steel, casting, automobile, electronics and electrical engineering, food catering, mechanical engineering, wood furniture, and printing and packaging of large multinational companies as well as the good close relations between small and medium-sized enterprises.

    MPDV's broad range of services and MES HYDRA's innovative high quality products provide the leading professional solutions for dynamic and forward-looking companies in today's dynamic and competitive environment.


     Dr. Jurgen Kletti, CEO of MPDV,MES senior expert. Dr. Kletti has a monograph on MES and RFID applications. 
    MPDV/HYDRA customers

    HYDRA is widely used worldwide...

    Today, HYDRA operates in Europe, the United States, South Africa, China and southeast Asia with more than 700 major customers. HYDRA can be used by manufacturers ranging from small workshops to large multinational groups. Some of them are as follows:

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