• HYDRA in the SAP environment

    Column:HYDRA in the SAP environment Time:2015-01-07

    HYDRA in the SAP environment

    ... Is the best addition to your SAP module!

    As a leading SAP partner, MPDV has maintained over 200 major HYDRA systems running in SAP environments since 1994. MPDV helps you better use the HYDRA module associated with you, bridging the production process and management gap by interacting with your SAP capabilities.

    For data exchange with sap-hr, sap-pp, HYDRA USES KK1 (pdc-cc1), KK2 (pdc-cc2), pp-pdc, and hr-pdc authorized authentication. In 2001, MPDV became the first partner in the world to receive SAP authorization for such a standard interface.

    More importantly, the SAP capability center at MPDV maintains a close partnership with SAP for future growth and innovation. The MPDV headquarters is in constant data contact with SAP's global headquarters in Waldorf, just 40 kilometers away!

    Further, HYDRA easily connects with other SAP modules:

    By MOB interface and material management (MM), by qm-idi and quality management (QM), by channel 3 production management (PM), by channel 4 project management (PM), by pp-pl cost control (CO) and other planning modules for process industry.

    In order to support the most advanced SAP NetWeaver technology, MPDV was honored to be the first MES partner in Germany to accept the "supported by SAP NetWeaver" certification (including "certified by SAP NetWeaver") in 2004. This is how HYDRA supports and complements mySAP ERP with a series of MES features: integrated online display (manufacturing instrumentation) within SAP, HYDRA provides current and current information with an assessment of the production environment -- just in your normal SAP (sap-gui or Enterprise Portal) application. So HYDRA is a very important part of SAP's initial "adaptive manufacturing" and has the ability to communicate and improve quickly between business processes and product controls with specific goals based on market changes... ... Connect the device to the market!

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