• Enterprise Profile

    Enterprise Profile

    Tianjin DAMF Automation Technology Co., Ltd. as the engineering company under Geneuo Industrial Group, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to total industrial automation solution, located in the beautiful and vigorous seaside city—Tianjin, and provides total automation solution of high value and high return to customers, thanks to international innovative development concept and unique automation technology and products.Focusing on customers, the company is committed to enhance customers’ development, go beyond customers’ expectation, and achieve satisfactory high quality for customers. 
        There are five professional technology divisions in Tianjin DAMF Automation Technology Co., Ltd., namely: Smart Logistics and Transport Division, Electromechanical Division, Process Control Division, Information Technology Division, and Production Technology Department. We try to provide thoughtful and professional services for each customer to meet their requirments. 
         Scientific management mode, unique corporate culture and wide development space attract many young, excellent, enthusiastic technical and management talents. Being professional and devoted, capable in technology and charming in personality, they form a highly responsible young team with full of dream, executive power and creativity, and pursue superexcellence continuely. Being great fortune of DAMF, they are dedicated to create more profits for our customers! 
        DAMF Automation Technology Co., Ltd. aims at providing total solution and turnkey project of automation and information management systems for customers, building open, expansible, interconnected, interactive automation and information management systems (MHS, MES etc) for users. From basic information of production facilities to information management system at the highest level, DAMF is able to provide information flow and control means timely and accurately, meantime meet customers requirements of advance, stability, low cost, little maintenance etc. 
         The company carries out high standard whole process project management according to modern management and quality control systems. From technical consultation, system design, product manufacturing, software development, installation and commissioning to production guarantee, after-sales service, personnel training etc., we’ll provide satisfactory service for customers in each link. Creative application of advanced technology, reasonable design, high quality products, scientific implementation, first class service, plus enthusiasm of the entire team to create value for customers, we will surely create reasonable, efficient, economical, optimized automation and information systems for customers, help customers to create benefits, enhance competitiveness. 
          With our technologies and services, you will get more automatic production and equipment, more modern management. 
          Your trust is our driving force, your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit!

    Insist innovative concept, keep leading technology. 
    Use new technology to manufacture excellent products and create the preferred brand!
    Intensify service awareness, persist in customer-oriented. 
    Guarantee high quality, maintain high efficiency, pursue win-win cooperation!

    “Devote ourselves to Automating and Modernizing your Factory.”