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    Integrated automation system for steel pipe production line

    Basic automation: mainly involved in the on-line and automatic delivery of raw material steel plate, automatic control of v-type roller table, automatic control of conveyor (horizontal movement/welding/ultrasonic/X-ray), and intelligent platform

    Data exchange and linkage between the system and single equipment, equipment monitoring SCADA system, workshop communication network architecture, etc.

    Production information: mainly involved in the steel pipe sales, raw material procurement, raw material and finished products warehouse (including delivery), manufacturing process, process design, quality design and management, number

    According to statistical analysis, information storage and query and other content.

    Transformer and distribution: according to the power demand of the selected main engine equipment, auxiliary equipment and public engineering equipment, combined with the power supply mode of external power and the incoming line mode, the distribution should be centralized and decentralized

    According to the principle of integration, the workshop substation distribution and the site distribution classification power supply, the production line workshop substation and the site distribution system.


    Project name:

    JCOE integrated automation system of submerged arc welding pipe engineering

    Main technical features:

    Production process automation, production process paperless.Customers can monitor the equipment, process, quality and other relevant data of each production post through the Internet in real time.Live video view

    Check the production of the workshop.


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